The Game Guide

The Wasteland is evolving quickly. This guide explains the basics of the War Riders game and may not have the most accurate information. This page will be constantly updated as we progress. Use the navigation tabs to learn more about each topic.

You can learn about the minimum requirements here.

Please do NOT use VPN when playing the game or you may have major synchronization issues. Using VPN may lead to frequent disconnects. Please only use a fast internet connection such as Fios or comparable fiber-optic internet (cable) to play the game. If you use a Wifi router, please make sure that your router supports your internet connection and has the latest firmware installed.

The game only runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Mobile platforms are not yet supported.

For most, the objectives of this game are BZN mining and Wasteland Domination. Warriors acquire lots of vehicles and weapons, secure strategic garage shares and earn as much BZN as possible. But some just have fun killing.

Please follow this guide to create an account and link your Ethereum wallet.

Account lending info/tips:

If you control the private key for the Ethereum wallet and the email you used for the Gaming Account, it is generally safe to “lend” or “share” account access by using our new account sharing system. Please do it at your own risk with a few things to keep in mind:

1. Please make sure that your Gaming Account password is unique and different from your email password. Ideally, this should be a new, randomly generated password. Please reset your password if you have previously shared it with someone.

2. Please note that anyone who uses your account (“the scholar”) may spend the BZN from your account on things like N2O (only what’s in the game, not in your Ethereum wallet). The scholar may also customize your vehicles and rearrange weapons.

3. The scholar may do something fishy, in which case your account may be banned and you will have to submit a support ticket.

4. The withdrawals will always be disabled when the scholar is using your account. Only the original account owner can initiate the withdrawal to his linked wallet.

To select a vehicle, log into the game and left-click on an available option. If you don’t have any vehicles, participate in one of the events where a free in-game vehicle is distributed, or purchase one from our website (if available) or OpenSea.

To start playing:

– Click Play at the bottom of the screen or press E

– Select the garage to spawn

– Wait for the game to load

E – Spawn

W – Move forward

S – Reverse

A – Turn left

D – Turn right

Spacebar – Handbrake

E – Mine BZN

R – Swap main weapon

F – Swap alt weapon

ESC – Self-destruct

C – Charge N2O/Ludicrous

SHIFT – Use N2O/Ludicrous

M – Map

LMB – Shoot main weapon

RMB – Shoot alt weapon

F – Release BZN from the tank

F1 – Ping info toggle

There are three major categories of vehicles in War Riders:

– Premium
– Mid-grade
– Regular

All vehicles are different and have pros and cons. Faster vehicles generally have less armor, while slower vehicles may have more weapon slots.

The base mining speed in BZN per second:

SUV – 0.0293

War Lambo – 0.0275

Car Tank –  0.0223

Hovercraft – 0.025

War Truck – 0.071

War Van – 0.0839

War EV – 0.042

Dune Buggy – 0.0248

Trophy Truck – 0.0208

Check out War Paper for more details on the vehicle stats.

You can customize your vehicle to make it unique by changing its color, applying a custom logo and installing powerful skinned weapons. Please note that you won’t be able to change the color of some badged vehicles due to their custom material. Learn more about badges here.

When your vehicle is destroyed, it needs some time to be repaired to get back to the Wasteland. The cooldown timer depends on your vehicle and weapon stats. The better the stats, the longer the cooldown.

There are four types of weapons in WR:

– Machine guns

– Rocket launchers

– Flamethrowers (not yet available)

– Lasers (not yet available)

Each vehicle is equipped with main and alt weapon slots. The main weapon can shoot around 360 degrees, while the alt weapon only has a shooting angle of 180 degrees (shoots forward).

Generally, higher RPM and damage are better as you can cause more destruction quickly, but these weapons overheat faster. So there is always a tradeoff. The higher weapon stability may help avoid overheating and increase battle performance. Muzzle velocity determines the shooting range. If you get destroyed, stronger weapons increase your vehicle’s repair time.

If you don’t have custom weapons, the default guns will be assigned randomly to the vehicle. To acquire custom weapons, you can open the gun cases here using BZN or ETH. You will get a random weapon for each opened case, and the randomized stats will depend on the type of case.

Please note that rockets cause splash damage, and the damage radius is 26 feet. (As a basis of comparison, an SUV is 16 feet long.) The further you are from the center of the explosion, the less damage you receive. You can find more info about the weapons in our War Paper.

Damage from a vehicle explosion is based on the engine size and has a maximum radius of 75 feet. Bigger engines cause greater damage. Similarly, the further you are from the center of the explosion, the less damage you receive. Self-destruction vs normal explosion from a kill is 20% more powerful.

Safe Zones exist to improve spawn protection and reduce garage camping. The NPC laser turrets are in place to guard the areas. Attacking in the Safe Zone puts a bullseye on the offender, and his vehicle will be destroyed by a laser beam. Do not attack other players when you see the following warning in the left lower corner of your screen:

no-shooting zone warning

There are multiple garages in the Wasteland that serve as spawn/despawn locations and underground parking for your war machines. Some garages are free to use and some may have an entrance fee, which is subtracted automatically from your vehicle balance when you enter the garage. Please note the entrance fee for each garage at which you’re planning to despawn. You can find that info in the garage section of the game or in the spawn screen (when you hit E):

BZN after despawn = BZN in the tank - entrance fee

The garages in the Wasteland have multiple entrances. The player usually spawns at the least crowded entrance.

You can acquire Garage Property Titles to earn passive BZN income based on the entrance fees. The Property Titles grant non-expiring spawn/entry privileges with an expiration term for passive earning (entrance fee distribution among active holders). After expiration, the NFTs will have to be renewed in-game using BZN to continue earning. The higher discount and luck index will reduce the cost of renewal.

The entrance fee is the percentage of BZN taken out of your vehicle’s tank when you enter the garage if you don’t have the privilege to enter for free. This BZN is distributed proportionally among the garage token holders:

BZN for the token holder = (arriving BZN * entrance fee %) * (number of your active garage tokens / total number of active tokens)

Types of Property Titles in WR:

NFT – ownership controlled by the NFT Property Titles
In-game – ownership is controlled by the in-game Property Titles
Free – no Property Titles for this garage

The stats for each garage will display the following information for you:

Active – the number of garage tokens in Property Titles you own that are not expired
Owned – the total number of garage tokens you own
Total – the number of garage tokens known to the Wasteland Core

Area 721 Garage Overview

You can mine BZN at pumps, raid other players to steal their coins or receive passive BZN income from holding the garage ownership tokens.

The pumps across the Wasteland produce Benzene (BZN) at random intervals. The Wasteland Core controls the distribution and increases the distribution amount when more players are in the Wasteland at the same time. To mine BZN, approach the pump and hold E. Please note that you should be within the mining range of the pump when while you mine. Otherwise, the mining process may fail. Only one vehicle is allowed to mine at a time.

The Wasteland Core detects node camping and shifts BZN distribution to less crowded pumps. This system starts working when it detects 3 or more vehicles in close proximity to the pump. The Wasteland Core will stop distributing BZN to the most crowded pumps and will prioritize the nodes that are not being camped. We are intentionally not disclosing the specific distance from the pump where the node camping is being detected as it may vary. This algorithm incentivizes players to keep moving and not stand in line for the pump.

The Ephemeral Nodes are the pumps that don’t have a fixed location in the Wasteland and can spawn in different places. The Ephemeral Node with a fewer number of vehicles nearby will be prioritized for distribution, and every single vehicle counts. If all the nodes are equally congested, the Wasteland Core will be distributing to the random nodes.

High Distribution (HD) intensifies the BZN distribution rates so that the players can mine more BZN in a given hour. HD usually happens during scheduled events. Keep an eye on our announcement channel in discord, our telegram group or Twitter to learn about an upcoming event. We also have the next event countdown here.

Slow distribution (SD) is usually in effect during the non-event hours. Use this time to practice shooting and handling while casually picking up some coins along the way.

Benzene’s pool will eventually deflate, thanks to our state-of-the-art «burning» mechanism. Every time a player buys something with BZN from our marketplace or spends BZN in the game, 30% of all BZN tokens used in the transaction burn, and the rest go back to the mining pool. The in-game spending transactions are aggregated and posted on-chain at each withdrawal to save on the gas cost.

This mechanism ensures Benzene’s strong positioning in the market and incentivizes early adopters to mine as much BZN as humanly possible.

Players can earn War Points for destroying other vehicles. The amount of WRP received will depend on the difference in the stats of the killer and the victim’s vehicles and guns. WRP will not be accrued if a player had killed the same player recently. The top performers are rewarded on an occasional basis with custom badges and other prizes.

You can find the leaderboard here. The leaderboard is usually reset before each event.

Top BZN Delivered – the total amount of BZN released to your account from the vehicles (includes BZN mined and BZN stolen from others). This is your gross BZN income.

Top BZN Miners – the total amount of BZN mined from the BZN pumps. This number doesn’t decrease even if you lost BZN on your way to the garage.

Top BZN Collected – the total amount of BZN picked up from the ground (in case another vehicle got destroyed, and its BZN fell off on the ground). This excludes picking up your own BZN, which doesn’t count toward your total. This number doesn’t decrease even if you lost BZN on your way to the garage

Top Killers – the bloodiest players during the event. Shows the total number of kills.

Top WRP earners – the total amount of War Points earned for performing different things in the game, such as killing opponents, mining BZN or completing certain things.

The idea of a clan is to form a strong coalition in the game to defeat the enemies, dominate the Wasteland and/or provide protection to newbies for cryptocurrency reward. Would you like to form the “Mercenaries for Hire,” “Wasteland Collection Agency” clan or just join an existing clan? Here is the discord channel for that #form-your-clan.

You can supercharge your vehicles with N2O (nitrous oxide) packs for gasoline-based engines and Ludicrous packs for EVs. The BZN cost associated with the purchase of each consumable pack is deducted from your in-game balance. Please note that you lose any unused packs when your vehicle is destroyed.

N2O/Ludicrous is one of the key mechanics that incentivizes BZN burning. Every time a player buys N2O/Ludicrous with BZN, 30% of BZN tokens used in the transaction burn, and the rest go back to the mining pool.

You can deposit your tokens into the game by following this link. Your tokens will be stored by the GameBalance contract on-chain.

The withdrawals are currently only supported by the game client. Log into the game, click on the user icon at the top right corner and initiate a withdrawal. Please note that some ETH is needed to initiate a withdrawal to cover the transaction fee. This fee goes to the blockchain miners; War Riders don’t make money on withdrawal fees.

Please see this page to get more info about deposits/withdrawals.

To delete your Game Account:

1. Go to from your web browser and log in to your Game Account.
2. Unlink your wallet and click Delete Account. You will receive a one-time sign-in link to complete the request.
3. Follow the instructions sent to your email to complete account deletion.

Delete Successful

To delete your Support Account:

1. Go to My Tickets from your web browser and log in to your Support Account.
2. Click on Delete Support Account and confirm deletion in the pop-up window.

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