Holiday Bundle Sale

Let’s bundle up!

Beep beep! We recently had to raise the prices because of a slight ETH depreciation. But, fear not! You still have a chance to snag an army of vehicles at a discounted price. In partnership with OpenSea, we are excited to “test drive” their new bundling feature. Some of these bundles include an exclusive badged vehicle. You can read more about them HERE. When you’re ready to buy, complete the transaction using the OpenSea marketplace, and the vehicles will arrive straight to your garage.

Please continue checking this page for new deals during the Holiday Sale Event! This page will be frequently updated.

Crazy Driver Bundle

0.7 ETH

Benzene burner bundle

0.65 ETH

Brave Explorer Bundle

0.7 ETH

Simple Starter Bundle

0.25 ETH

Platinum Hovercraft bundle


Founders War Truck bundle

2.5 ETH

Hovercraft Rider bundle

0.9 ETH

Young Warrior Bundle

0.5 ETH

Celebrate BZN bundle

100 BZN

Founders SUV bundle


Gold War Truck bundle

2.5 ETH

Platinum SUV bundle

1.5 ETH

Gold SUV bundle


Founders Hovercraft bundle

3.5 ETH

Platinum War Truck bundle


Gold Hovercraft bundle

3.5 ETH

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