Bulk Buying Guide

What is bulk buying?

We are excited to allow people to buy vehicles and weapons in batches by submitting a single transaction. Bulk buying works exactly like buying a single item, except multiple items can be delivered to players by our Deadly Factories all at once.

Why should I buy a lot of vehicles or weapons?

Our vehicles are made to compliment one another – the more vehicles you own, the more powerful you are. We recommend buying multiple vehicles ensuring your army is all set for the deadliest battle in gaming history. Opening more weapon cases will increase your chances of receiving a rare weapon with unique skins. Weapons with top of the line stats will perform better in combat.


Bulk weapon case opening

Our new shiny bulk buy system for weapons supports the opening of up to 3,000 cases in a single transaction. All gun tokens will be delivered to the player immediately after the transaction confirms on the blockchain. The Gun Factory is now optimized for blazing-fast speeds, and there is no need to wait for delivery or submit any follow-up transactions.Please note that you will still need ETH to perform BZN purchases, as each gun will require a small minting fee that goes toward covering different aspects of Gun Factory operations. In addition to that, NFT transfers of up to 3,000 weapons are possible using a single transaction and very little gas.

Bulk case opening buffer

A small buffer of BZN and ETH can also be included in each transaction to cover the events of a race condition, in which someone else completes the purchase before your transaction goes through. In that case, the price is already too high for your transaction to succeed, and the buffer is used to cover the difference. The unused portion of the buffer will be immediately refunded back to your account. Check Add buffer to transaction box to enable buffer.


Vehicle Bulk Buying

There is currently no limit on how many vehicles you can pre-order in a single transaction. The price of vehicles increases with every vehicle sold. When two or more purchases occur at the same time, prices will be higher than originally stated when the transaction was initiated. We include a small buffer which is immediately being refunded to buyers via a smart contract. There is no guarantee this buffer will cover the difference if the price grows too quickly, thus making it possible one receives fewer vehicles than requested.

What happens when price grows too quickly?

The Deadly Factory starts fulfilling orders as soon as they are placed, though it may take up to a few hours for all vehicles to arrive. Players will be receiving their vehicles in batches of 10 (adhering to the block gas limit). If the price grows quicker than initially estimated, the smart contract will use all Ether submitted to buy as many vehicles as possible. Once Ether runs out, the transaction is finalized, and any remaining vehicles will not be purchased. If you experience any issues, please file a support ticket here.

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