Official Internal Wasteland Rate

1 BZN = 0.5 USD

What is BZN?

BZN is a native currency of War Riders and may be used for internal BZN transactions such as purchasing guns, additional garages, nitro boost and more. One doesn’t need BZN to drive around the Wasteland (i.e. the vehicle doesn’t “burn” BZN while operating), but players need it to survive. For simplicity, we decided to tie the prices of guns, BZN, and additional equipment to USD so 1 BZN = 0.5 USD; however, BZN is not for sale.


A certain gun may have a fixed price of $25. One may choose to buy this gun for $25 USD in ETH equivalent or BZN (50).

Is this rate forever?

Our community is evolving quickly. BZN will keep the 0.5 USD rate until late 2019 or after the full release of our game. The Internal Wasteland BZN Rate may then be adjusted by us based on the market value of our in-game digital currency.

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